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Your roof protects your home, gives it a unique physical appearance, and often times gets overlooked by home owners. We compare a roof to the frosting on a cake – it either makes it really good looking and tasty, or it can just be a mess.

So lets get your cake to look its absolute best!… we mean your house. We at Thermo-Seal provide you with all of your suffolk county roof repair, replacement, and maintenance needs.

We also service Nassau County, New York, and the surrounding tri-state area.

  Roof Maintenance Helps Save Money

Leaks, storm damage, harsh winters, wear from old age – We cover it all and more. The elements take a strong toll on your roof and can lead to a fairly disastrous experience.

“Drafty air causes your HVAC unit to work overtime, and water from rain and snow can weaken your home’s structure – bringing in harmful bacteria and mold that is dangerous to your family’s health.”

It is best to be proactive with one of your biggest investments, so with that said – you should be consulting with professional roofing contractors every so often to complete a maintenance scheduling.

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When you Give us a Direct Call, we will set up an opportunity for us to visit the ol’ roof and assess its current condition, and give you feedback on what should be done. We will also perform one of the best inspections on this side of the island (Guaranteed!), provide a detailed report, and work with your budget to come up with the best solution.

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Did we mention that we Also Service Nassau? Check us out by clicking the link and giving us a call.


On a Serious Note:

We are very proud to continue servicing the suffolk county area with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years we have gained recognition and certifications that only demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

With Thermo-Seal, you get a company with the following qualifications:

transparent-green-checkmark-hiGAF Master Elite roofing company
transparent-green-checkmark-hiFully insured and licensed in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey
transparent-green-checkmark-hiMember of the Honorary Contractor Program
transparent-green-checkmark-hiWinner of the Builders Guild Award in 2007 & 2009
transparent-green-checkmark-hiBuilders Remodeler of the Year in 1991-2007 and again in 2009

Are those some qualifications? or are those some qualifications! We think our record holds its own weight, but of course love when our satisfied customers share their voice for us too.

We have the upmost confidence that you will be kicking yourself for not calling us sooner, or thanking your lucky stars for finding the best Suffolk County Roof Repair team, because of the quality service and high standard products we stand by.

So what are you waiting for? – Give us a Call Today (Not when your roof is falling to bits) 

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